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Why Hire your Your Web Marketer ?

Preliminary Research and Discovery Phase

  • Gather specifications of the project
  • In-depth research of users
  • Establish a strategy to best accomplish goals within budget and timeframe
  • Fine tune the technological route for the front and back-end development
  • Determine the full and final in-depth scope of work

Strategic Planning

  • Conceive the main goals of the website and work timeline
  • Prepare detailed wireframes showing the different areas of the website, their features, and the technologies that will be implemented

Web Design – Graphic Design Work

  • Create the graphic theme, which includes color scheme, atmosphere, general look and feel, etc…
  • Determine layouts and structures for web pages
  • Create the graphic elements of the website

Front End Programming

  • Hand code (XHTML / CSS / JavaScript) all the web pages, forms, etc…
  • Program and integrate for enhanced user experience and usability

Server-side Development

  • Integrate databases
  • Implement the application
  • Implement the back-end and full administration
  • Integrate all features with any current systems and databases

Quality Assurance and Launch

  • Extensive testing to ensure the application is 100% functional and bug free
  • Fine tune the final design and features
  • Configuration and setup of server that will host the website
  • Move the site to the live server and launch!

SEO, Promotion, Statistics & Reporting

  • Extensive on-page SEO techniques throughout the website
  • Extensive off-page SEO techniques to promote the site
  • Ensure that it appears in the top results for a variety of relevant keyword searches, thereby yielding quality traffic
  • Promote the website throughout all relevant and appropriate online venues and platforms

Our Approach

Direct Marketing

We have relationships with data companies that will allow us to market to exactly who our perfect customer is. If you are not in the demographics that we are targeting- then you will never see our ads or hear or message.


Multi – Touch

The most direct and most cost effective way to market to a prospect is email, text, and phone. With our system we are able to do this simultaneously generating inbound leads, creating brand awareness, all while increasing R.O.I



Have you ever noticed that you may go to a websites that you have never visited and all of a sudden it seems like that website is following your around. Well that’s because it is. We can re-target your customers and prospects the same way.